Back in September 2019, we hosted, with the support of our strategic technology partner Showpad, a unique round table event called ‘Straight From The Buyers Mouth.  The idea behind it being a simple one; put a group of senior B2B buyers in a room with a bunch of B2B sellers (Sales Enablement, Marketing and Business Development) and open up a set of structured discussions.  

Sales, marketing and enablement teams all too often fall into the trap of entering into long winded, philosophical debate and internal planning cycles when it comes to decisions around what customers want, need or covet.  Whilst it can be invaluable to canvas opinions from across a business this often comes at the expense of asking questions of the most important people of all.  I.e  the customer.  The prospect.  The buyer.  The human being who's job it is to solve problems and deliver results through allocating budget that will improve their organisations performance. 

This is why we felt compelled to stage this Round Table and simply ask 'What do you want?' from our B2B buyers.       

We must give out a big thanks to our senior B2B buyers from BlackRock, Informa Group, Canon and ExxonMobil who willingly gave up their morning to be part of the discussion. 

To end here's a lovely little video wrap-up to commemorate a really interesting and enlightening morning.