At the start of summer, we received the news that we had made the shortlist of the UK Agency Awards for Most Innovative Agency of the year award!  Innovation has been at the forefront of what we do both in terms of how we think and what we deliver.  Given the journey we’ve been on to date, to be recognised for the very thing we’ve had to constantly do day in, day out was hugely gratifying. However, we also understood that what we do within the sales enablement space is very much in its infancy, somewhere between a practice and a technology area, and for the judges to recognise this, would be a tall order.  It was an honour to make the shortlist, but we weren’t bringing home the trophy, were we? 😉

YES, we did!  We were so stunned at hearing our name being called out as the winners, we even managed to drop the trophy… oops.  Innovative chip to the top right corner! We ask our Founder, James Smee, a couple of questions post hangover…

How did you feel on the day of the UK Agency Awards event?

Whilst sales enablement in B2B might not instantly scream ‘sexy innovation’ it’s an area that is rapidly helping to transform how marketing and sales are engaging customers and buyers.  It’s changing deep-rooted behaviours and challenging the status quo in B2B sales.  

I feel we’ve played a significant part in helping to drive this curve of innovation through the work we’re doing in collaboration with our clients but also the technology vendors and wider sales enablement community.  Through some very challenging early years we’ve remained true to our mission and continued to innovate in everything we do.


I believe in the mission and the path we have carved out, however there is still a long way to go.  To triumph in this category felt like wishful thinking.  Receiving the news that we had been shortlisted created such a buzz in the agency, and after the pandemic, we were all thoroughly looking forward to a good night out and just to enjoy that buzz.

The winning moment…what was it like to hear "BRIDGE" being called out by Jenny Powell?

We were all stunned, weren’t we?  No one moved from their seats… what? What agency did they just call out?  F#C£! WE WON!  It was really funny.

What does this win mean to you?

A lot on one hand and not much on the other, if I’m honest.  Industry recognition is hugely gratifying for the team but it’s only a moment in time, it doesn’t mean we now stop pushing boundaries, in fact, if anything, it means we need to push even harder as we’re now the front runners!