Ever since B2B became 'a thing' we've all been aware that in many organisations sales and marketing teams haven’t really hit it off.  Mismatched expectations, no desire or willingness to understand one another and a failure to respect each other’s craft.  This has always been a paradox because the two disciplines, in theory, need one another to survive and thrive. So, the question is does this misalignment still exist in 2018?  Or has the divide been closed?  If so, what has changed to enable this? Tech? Professional maturity? Sales Enablement? 

And if there is harmony between the two camps what’s in the art of the possible? This research campaign explores the alleged divide between sales and marketing in mid to large B2B organisations.  How big is it really? Where does the relationship stand up and fall down?  To what degree does the growing sales enablement industry address these challenges?

In May and June 2018 Bridge carried out a research campaign interviewing 200 senior sales and marketing professionals in Enterprise class B2B brands to explore 'the divide'.

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