In November, with the support of our partner Showpad, we staged and hosted a seminar in Central London called 'Deconstructing Sales Enablement'.   As far as we know it was the first of its kind.  It focused on exploring all aspects of Sales Enablement;  what is means, technology, expertise needed, etc.  We had speakers (Canon, Microsoft, The Floow, Showpad, Bridge) from across the industry sharing insights and experiences with nearly 50, highly engaged and vocal attendees.  The net result was overwhelmingly positive.  And the biggest testament to this being the Q & A segment at the end of the agenda.  In my experience these rarely last beyond 3 or 4 questions (planted, bona fide or otherwise) most people have had and heard enough by this point, they simply want out.  Well, not this time, after 20 minutes and 10+ questions we were still going strong!  

Off the back of this it was a no brainer to immediately set about planning the next one.   

So here we are with 1-week to go until our second event, entitled, 'The Big Share', it's adopting a round table format with fewer attendees.  The idea being to get deeper into the real world experiences of sales enablement practitioners, what's working, what's not, lessons learnt, measurement, etc.  We will be joined by our partners @Showpad and three 'Guest Hosts' from BlackRock, Canon and Expedia.  Really looking forward to it and watch this space for a follow up. 

Spaces are limited, with only a few left at the time of writing but if you're keen to come along please register here and we'll let you know.

The Big Share - Event Registration