OnlineDIRECT is a true pioneer, as the first recognised B2B energy aggregator it has cemented its place as one of the leading innovators in its sector.  Across two decades of market volatility it has been in a constant state of evolution in order to adapt to meet the changing needs of the market.  Today in excess of 2,000 energy brokers are supported by over 100 dedicated and expert members of staff.  Its track record and heritage are unrivalled and forms a truly compelling story when told.

This is where we came in.

Through working with its sales and marketing team we identified that the company’s proud history was often referenced to help quickly establish credibility with prospects, customers and suppliers.  This was an entirely verbal and piecemeal exchange that didn’t fully articulate the scale and impressive nature of the narrative.  Like any story there’s different ways to tell it and this should vary according to your audience.  A finance professional will likely want the story by numbers, a sales person will want to see how it benefits them, etc.  With this in mind we conceived an interactive timeline that could be filtered and sorted according to the journey you want to take through the 20-year passage of time.  It’s highly tactile, visual and a great way to for OnlineDIRECT to celebrate its success in a way that impresses and excited its key audiences.