As part of our ongoing commitment to driving the Sales Enablement conversation forwards in the UK we will be staging our 3rd round table event of the year on Sept 11th in central London.  Entitled 'Straight from the Buyers Mouth' this discussion will centre around the real world views and experiences of B2B Buyers.  How will we do this?  Well, it's not rocket science, we are putting some buyers in a room and asking them some questions.  No speculation, no assumptions, no philosophical debate.  Just listening to the views and opinions of the real people who buy products/services/solutions on behalf of the companies they work for.

We've lined up an impressive 'buyers panel' with highly experienced individuals from BlackRock, Canon, Informa and ExxonMobil.

We are limited to how many bums we can put on seats so if you're interested be quick! 

Details here: