2 weeks today I'll be delivering the opening keynote session @ 'The Sales Enablement Soirée' in London.  It's an event entirely geared towards the sales enablement community in Europe and sits as an appetiser to Salesforce's 'World Tour' which kicks off the following day.  

It's the first time we've seen this event in Europe but the same format has proven a big success in San Francisco over the past couple of years and the Soiree is now an established component of the timetable at Dreamforce.  So, as a result, all those in attendance on the 22nd of May in London (speakers, attendees, sponsors, etc) will have a part to play in helping to get this event off the ground on this side of the pond.  

Having hosted as well as spoken at a fair few sales enablement flavoured events in the past 12 months I've experienced, first hand, the diverse crowd that the Soiree will likely attract.  Whilst this creates a genuinely unique energy it also makes for a tougher gig as a speaker because you need to carefully pitch your content, thoughts and ideas at the right level.  Why? Well, there will be people in attendance who have no idea what sales enablement even is (yet) and on the flip side there will be true enablement pioneers who've been driving the conversation for years.  A real spread of comprehension.  Then add to that a professional cocktail of trainers, sales people, marketers, ops and L & D, all of which have fingers (or more) in the enablement pie.  The net result is a complex audience with a wide range of motivations for putting their bums on the seats.  Variety is the spice of life as they say.  Whilst it's nigh on impossible to engage everyone in an audience made up of a few hundred people I've hopefully got enough to paint a few provocative pictures and set things rolling in the right vein.          

I'd like to thank the team over @ Highspot for inviting me to speak and giving Bridge the opportunity to play a part in launching this exciting event.