Over the last 10-15 years we've seen some game changing waves of technology break into and flood our profession.  I have been right in the mix as some of the biggest (Email, CMS and Marketing Automation) have broke upon our shores.  I've also witnessed and experienced both the good and bad effects that typically follow.  

On the positive side we see organisations, desperate for first mover advantage, quickly open the cheque book and invest in the tech.  This supports and helps to drive the curve of innovation and progress within our industry.  On the flip side the investments being made in the tech are rarely mirrored in terms of additional headcount or up-skllling existing teams who need to use it.   So when the tidal wave starts to recede we're left with a beach front strewn with debris. Marketing departments, who've been told to 'suck it up and make it work', are left dazed and confused.  Technology stacks either legacy or current are dotted about looking at the new shiny thing in the distance wondering how they can talk to it.

Sales Enablement is bang on trend in this respect.  We've seen the pioneering technology vendors break through and take hold and now we're left with the fallout.  In this scenario there's a boat load of opportunity for professionals working in the space but they'll need to be savvy and go about things the right way.  One part of this is keeping regular tabs on the industry and how it's shaping up.  This report is lovingly maintained by Paul Krajewski who keeps tabs on vendor movement, market size and general other barometers for growth.  

Bookmark it and thank-you Paul for all the work that clearly goes into it. Bravo.